• The first Indian CPR tow has been successfully.

    We are pleased to announce the first Indian CPR tow has been tested successfully after a twenty five day and 80 mile cruise in the Bay of Bengal onboard the ORV Sindhu Sankalp. Congratulations to all who made it a success .

  • National Institute of Oceanography, India join GACS

    We would like to welcome Jyothibabu from the National Institute of Oceanography in Kochi, India to GACS. Jyothi recently undertook technician training at SAHFOS and is now a fully fledged member of the GACS community. Jyothi, welcome, and please feel free to use the experience of the GACS members to help you as you work towards setting up a CPR survey in the near future.

  • Plankton 2015

    Plankton is the foundation of the marine food web and supports nearly all life in our oceans. Plankton 2015 is an assessment of the state of the oceans around Australia using plankton as indicators of ecological change. Download here

  • GACS Chair gave GOOS Webinar

    As part of the GOOS webinar series Sonia Batten gave a presentation on behalf of the GACS community highlighting the progress and activities of GACS.

  • Erik Muxagata takes possession of a new CPR in preparation for the first tows of the Brazil CPR Survey

    Erik Muxagata takes possession of a new CPR in preparation for the first tows of the Brazil CPR Survey

Welcome to GACS

Marine Phytoplankton (left) and Zooplankton (right)

GACS is short for the Global Alliance of Continuous Plankton Recorder Surveys, which is an international scientific organisation that was established in September 2011.

The goal of GACS is "to understand changes in plankton biodiversity at ocean basin scales through a global network of CPR surveys".

The GACS Partners in Plymouth, UK at the first GACS Workshop, September 2013.

GACS has a number of specific aims, which include:

  • to develop a global Continuous Plankton Recorder (CPR) database
  • to produce a regular Ecological Status Report for global plankton biodiversity
  • to ensure that common standards and methodologies are maintained
  • to provide an interface for plankton biodiversity with other global ocean observation programmes
  • to set up and maintain a website for publicity and data access
  • to facilitate new CPR surveys and develop capacity building procedures
  • to facilitate secondments of CPR scientists between GACS institutions.

To learn more about GACS, the Continuous Plankton Recorder and its Partners, please, check out the About GACS pages, and if you have an enquiry or want to get in touch with GACS, please, see the Contact Us page.

This website is a work in progress and will be updated periodically.  We aim to have some initial data products using GACS data online by May 2012; please, check regularly for news and updates.

Our partner organisations are listed below, click on a logo to visit their respective internet pages.

AusCPRAustralian Antarctic DivisionBC-CPRJAMSTECNew Zealand CPR SurveyNIPRNOAASAHFOSSCAR SO-CPR Survey